The Best 5 WordPress Hosting Providers of 2015

A great website is nothing without the best web hosting. Choosing one of the best web hosting providers for your WordPress site can make all the difference when it comes to the improvement of SEO and sales. Therefore, it is important to choose from only the best WordPress hosting providers. Let’s take a look at five of the best ones.

1. GreenGeeks


As a premier environmentally friendly web hosting company, GreenGeeks offers unlimited hosting and free websites, never adding any extra fees to the original price. They also have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, giving you nothing to lose. GreenGeeks also offers web hosting servers that are actually located in Canada, specifically Toronto.

Unlimited Hosting:
With the unlimited hosting feature that GreenGeeks provides, you can have multiple domains and multiple sub-domains, parked and add-on. Bandwidth and disk space are also unlimited, which is good to keep in mind if there is a possibility of your website growing.

No Extra Fees:
There are no extra fees attached to GreenGeeks. All you have to pay for is the web hosting fee. After that, there is no fee for moving your data from one domain to another or for setup.

WordPress Hosting:
GreenGeeks makes installation, learning to use the program, and transferring a WordPress site very easy. One-click installation and no fees attached to it makes it ideal WordPress hosting.

Free Started Websites:
Select a GreenGeeks template and customize it, all for free. You can even include your logo. They also enlist your site with Google, Bing and Yahoo, as well as give you up to five free emails attached to your site.

Phone Support:
GreenGeeks does not have 24/7 phone support, but they are available every day. And even when phone support is not available, you can still reach them on their live chat.

2. SiteGround


As one of the most popular WordPress hosting providers, SiteGround is well recognized among WordPress users. With unique in-house WordPress speed and security solutions, they make WordPress sites load as fast as they can be and stay secure. Automatic upgrades, built-in WordPress caching, CDN, GIT version control and one-click staging make SiteGround a favorite for many.

SiteGround has amazing 24/7 support, which can be pretty important for both beginners and those with businesses they are maintaining a site for.

Different data centers:
They offer location specific hosting, and are one of the few providers that does. With three different data centers for the United States, Europe and Singapore, they differentiate themselves from other web hosting providers.

In addition to the many other things that make SiteGround great, they have a special discount of 60% and a free domain name for beginners to WordPress.

3. InMotion Hosting


99.9% uptime and award-winning technical support make InMotion Hosting a user favorite. They are a well-known brand with reliable performance for business class hosting. InMotion Hosting’s WordPress hosting has scalability for the growth of a blog, and is optimized for active bloggers. They are number one in transfers, meaning that experienced webmasters switch to it all the time.

Two types of servers:
A shared server can’t give a website the stability that a dedicated server can, and thusly, the dedicated server that InMotion Hosting provides gives sites the advantage of full RAM, CPU, and HDD resources. A shared server, however, means more traffic and slower loading times. However, a dedicated server costs $100 every month, compared to the $10 per month cost of a shared server. Therefore, your choice of server depends on your budget and number of websites.

Support and satisfaction guarantee:
Their amazing US-based support is always there to help. Their support team received 20,000 compliments in 2014 alone. They also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

4. WPEngine Web Hosting


WPEngine was specifically built for WordPress, as the name suggests. However, that does not automatically mean that all WordPress users are familiar with it. It is a scalable and fast platform for WordPress sites, which helps a lot because WordPress does not scale well by itself. Therefore, WPEngine offers a solution to the possibility of a site crashing from a sudden onslaught of visitors. Bandwidth and storage are relatively unlimited, and the fact that it is supported by WordPress experts helps a lot, and means that backups are taken care of.

Outstanding staging area feature:
A site can be copied, changed, tweaked and tested on a server, using WPEngine’s staging platform, safely and without affecting the live website. This way, you can try out a new plugin or creative theme without breaking the site. Once you are done, one click allows you to turn it over to the live site.

Support and satisfaction guarantee:
With a 60-day free trial period, WPEngine is risk free. Their support is exceptional as well. Even outside of normal business hours, you can reach the support team by email and get a quick reply.

5. Site5


Site5 has no migration fee and the transfer of your site to Site5 is seamless. They offer unlimited disc space and bandwidth and will even give you free backups and disaster recovery, so you know your information can be recovered if you run into any problems down the road. Though it may not have the reputation that a lot of other sites do, Site5 claims over 5,000 positive customer reviews on their site. Even their shared hosting is great.

Multiadmin Control Panel:
The $11.95 per month plan gives you access to Multiadmin, in addition to other extra features. With Multiadmin, you can have multiple sites and give them each their own control panel. The Multiadmin control panel allows you to edit your website details, see how much of your allotted disc space and bandwidth you are using, and update your passwords for each site.

Support and satisfaction guarantee:
Site5 offers 24/7 support, and customer reviews on the site say that the support staff is always helpful and friendly. In addition, they have a 45-day satisfaction guarantee.


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