Choose the Right WordPress Theme for Your Website

choose the right wordpress theme

Your WordPress website is the first look at your business, product or idea that you provide to the masses. Some people will have never stumbled upon your company before, and others have never even heard the name. As a result, you to make a first impression that is both lasting and positive. Learning how to choose the right WordPress theme involves knowledge of what is popular right know as well as what customers like.


pinboard wordpress theme

Pinterest is a popular website that so many people use on a regular basis, and the Pinboard theme plays off of that site. When you use Pinboard, you have the chance to capture the attention of people who use a wildly popular website. This theme also provides an array of options. You can set your design up like a grid, or you can opt for larger and fewer boxes. Create a unique title at the top and tabs on the side to guide visitors through the rest of your webpage. These layout options allow you to use both images and text in an organized way to promulgate your message to the public.


Lucy wordpress theme

With a tip of the hat to the name of the 3.2 million year old skeleton set, this Lucy is sure to prove fascinating as well. Lucy offers a sleek and chic design, which is perfect for emulating a professional appeal to the public and building rapport with potential customers. Lucy offers users the chance to customize the website with features that allow changes in structure, colors and so forth. This platform can be used for a large business with many stores across the country or a small shop that is looking to make its mark in the world of business.


phanatics wordpress theme

Knowing how to choose the right WordPress theme also involves understanding how people are reading and learning these days. Many people are visual creatures. Instead of reading the morning newspaper, they scan for images and headlines on the Internet that grab their attention. Instead of engaging in an hour-long phone conversation, they share images with their friends on their smart phones and on social media throughout the day. Since individuals love visualizations, using a WordPress theme that fulfills such a need is smart. Phanatics provides plenty of room for pictures, and it also offers many bold colors. This format is specifically designed for websites that need the room for a lot of images. That can be important for you because other formats may take a long time to load. When people have to wait a long time for a website to appear, especially in an age where many individuals pull up sites on their cell phones, they may simply navigate away.


zen wordpress theme

As the name implies, this theme is sure to embrace your visitors in tranquility, which helps to build a sense of trust in and rapport with your business. This format comes with seven different colour options so you can match it up with the logo or emblem of your business. The colours are bright and vibrant, which make it the perfect match whether you are establishing a business blog with bold intentions or a promotion for your own self-created company. Zen is also compatible with phones and tablets, which is imperative for success. In the event that you need to adjust the format to work more smoothly with smaller devices, you have the option to manipulate it in that manner.

DanceFloor DJ

Dancefloor Dj wordpress theme

Here’s another theme with the name matches the goal. This format is an excellent choice for people who are promoting a music business because the bold colors and fonts make visitors feel as though they are at a party. This format allows you to create an event calendar so you can let visitors know when your company is performing at certain happenings, and it also has a slideshow. Chances are, visitors want to know what your company looks like when it performs, and you can show them with visual appeal and details. You have the ability to customize what you want with this theme because it comes with the option of three different packages: standard, premium and deluxe.

The exact WordPress format that you pick depends upon the needs of your company and the image that you want to show to the world.


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