7 Benefits of Adding Social Media Plugins to Your Website

social media plugins

The world today is often referred to as the age of technology, and rightly so. Since the birth of the World Wide Web in 1989, an astounding amount of people have made their home online– businesses, bloggers, people from every walk of life looking to connect with others. Nowadays, the easiest way to do that is through social media. Because of help from online platforms that allow you to easily communicate with people, many websites have flourished. Not only that, but it has become simple to harness the power of social media and apply it to your own website. This is due to the development of social media plugins. Without much strain or stress, you can watch as the benefits of these plugins take effect.

1. Social Plugins Ensure More Website Traffic

Some of the most commonly applied social plugins are from Facebook. For instance, Facebook offers you the chance to include a “Share” bar on your website. This affords your users the option of sharing links to their Facebook profile. Such a thing may seem unlikely to affect overall traffic, but consider this. Facebook averages 1.19 billion active monthly users. The approximate number of friends per user is about 234 people. The power of plugins allows users to click a button, and subsequently grant your website exposure to a far larger audience. Whether someone only checks your website out or sticks around for a while, your numbers will go up.

2. They Can Provide Social Media-Based Comment Systems

There are a variety of plugins available designed to create comment systems on websites that otherwise wouldn’t have them. This is invaluable for a lot of reasons. The desire for some level of social interaction is beaded into the threads of human nature. Discussion, friendly chats, information sharing: comments systems give the users of your website the opportunity to participate in all of that. A website devoid of an outlet for interaction or discussion is a website that many won’t care to visit again. However, if you provide your users with the means to do so, you are likely to experience more success.

3. Social Plugins Ensure Simpler Login Services

A lot of people today are frustrated with the amount of accounts they have to create for all the websites they visit. Not only that, but they forget their numerous usernames and passwords and must go through a long process to retrieve them. Many visit a new website, see that they have to sign up, and then proceed to sigh and leave. This doesn’t have to be the case with your site. Social media giants such as Google, Facebook, and others offer easy-to-use plugins that provide an individual with the chance to log in to your website using pre-existing Google or Facebook accounts. You will find that this makes your website much more navigable, and encourages people to keep coming back. Overall experience with your website will be improved.

4. They Create Opportunities for More Personalized Experiences

Plugins can make it so that your users don’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops to feel welcome to your website. For instance, many social plugins offer the chance to build a uniquely generated “Recommendations” page for each user based on their expressed interests. The Recommendations tab can lead them to other portions of your website, keeping their interests in mind. Normally, your information might be too limited to offer an experience similar. Not only that, but it demonstrates to your users that you value their comfort and their contributions to your site.

5. Plugins Can Make Your Website More Exciting

It’s no secret that everyone wants to be drawn into the websites they visit. People are not going to stick around very long if nothing on the site hooks them. However, there is something available today that almost everyone is involved with in one way or another: social media. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google services or others, an innumerable amount of people keep up a presence on social media. That’s why decorating your website with plugins will ensure a more fun, well-rounded experience for your audience. It creates an easy outlet to interact with others in an unfamiliar habitat, so to speak.

6. Plugins Make Maintenance Easier For You

Although a little work will be required, the implementation of social media plugins ensures that you won’t be worrying over your website all day. Since the majority of plugins stem from larger social media websites and companies, they will be updated accordingly. You won’t have to bat an eyelash. Beyond that, if you use a comment system powered by a plugin, the one responsible for investigating reported comments will not be you. Your website will generally function without issue, and without extra effort from you.

7. Plugins Are Cost-Friendly and Effective

The majority of plugins are cost-free while simultaneously helping to build a profit for you. Social media, as mentioned above, draws people into a website. It can be the difference between whether a person enjoys a site, or leaves with little interest. If you’re looking to both build popularity for your website and make a profit without exhausting resources, look no further. Social media plugins are a dream come true for those interested in marketing campaigns without a price. They increase website traffic without making you pay for their service, and create a better environment for your users. Overall, it’s a win-win situation.


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