3 Digital Website Trends You Should Take Advantage Of

digital website trends

Digital marketing is literally changing every day. As a result, certain trends start to naturally develop over time. These effective digital website trends need to be looked at by savvy website owners who are striving to optimize their own potential and growth.

It’s important to realize which trends are currently working and which ones are not in order to get the maximum results that you desire. Here are three of the biggest digital website trends that you should ideally take advantage of right now.

1. Incorporate Responsive Design

As mobile web technology continues to advance, responsive design is now the preferred trend for creating websites that look good on smartphones, tablets, and computers. Responsive design refers to a certain framework that will ensure that your website responds well to the different devices that your audience uses.

To effectively display content in a seamless manner, no matter what the device, incorporating responsive design primarily focuses on a combination of CSS and HTML markup to define content sizes, identify viewports, and to apply flexible grids in order to achieve the ideal layout according to each device. This not only provides an optimal user experience, but affects SEO overall, especially when it comes to Google’s mobile algorithms.

To start using responsive design, first run your website through the PageSpeed Insights Tool with Google in order to point out any issues with mobility as well as tips on how to fix them.

2. Get More Out of Minimalism

Minimalism and simplicity enables your audience to consume greater chunks of your content on their own terms and according to their own pace. This trend means ditching a business website with unnecessary confusing buttons, columns, and other pointless content in favor of a polished, simpler presentation overall.

By concentrating on limiting the number of annoying distractions, minimalism basically relies on big, eye-catching images along with easy-to-follow, simple page layouts. It provides a well-designed level of interest for your readers and also enables you to effectively manage how they interact with your valuable content as well.

Take a look at some of the major online news sites to see good examples of minimalism. Many feature banner-style images along with detailed illustrations and informative videos that add to the narrative without overcrowding the page. A minimalist design leads readers down a simple path so they can easily browse your content without getting too distracted.

3. Importance of Quality Content

Successful digital marketing is all about publishing good copywriting that will entice your readers to keep reading and eventually make a purchase. Therefore, today’s forward-thinking digital marketers are paying close attention to each and every word that goes on their business websites. Not only is it important for the words to flow in a logical manner, but they need to evoke key emotions that will motivate the reader to make a purchase. This is where great storytelling comes in.

Effective storytelling enables your business website to create a sense of trust and also express real value on an intimate level that will separate you from the rest of your competition. This trend comes from a strong desire to highlight someone’s individuality behind a brand, and to also align a website with more editorial, organic ways of thinking. Use the ‘About’ page on your website to emphasize your brand, approach, and who you are.

Take a look at some of the ‘About’ pages on a few high-end small business websites. You’ll notice that they’re clearly focused on the reader and know how to engage them. It’s often the author’s unique and compelling story as well as their perspective on the subject matter surrounding their content on the site that makes it so engaging.

The Take Away

Website trends are regularly being followed in the ever-changing world of digital marketing and some may stick around longer than others. The key lesson, however, is to remember that many trends come and go. Therefore, it’s in your own best interest to do your part and research them so you can benefit from the best ones.

Regardless how fast things change, try to stay on top of whatever evolves in order to maximize your own marketing techniques with what’s currently working and what isn’t. These three digital website trends will enable you to draw a larger audience and therefore achieve a greater level of success overall.


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