3 Best Tips for Redesigning your Company’s Logo

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As online browsing and shopping becomes increasingly visually-stimulated, the impact of your company’s logo is growing by the day. Gone are the days when customers are willing to take the time to squint at a company slogan in 2-point font or read a bit about the company itself before making their selection. Today, time is money – they either click or they pass.

So your logo must do the heavy lifting for your company in the e-commerce marketplace. For this reason and others, it is good to take a look at your current logo at least on an annual basis and brainstorm how major or minor changes could make it even stronger. In this post, learn three of the best tips out there today for redesigning your company’s logo.

Reasons for Redesigning Your Logo

Recent studies show that nearly 50 percent of all online shoppers now do all their browsing (and much of their buying) on small screen smart devices. This means your logo needs to POP. It needs to speak so loudly that the smallest screen comes alive when it appears. This alone can be reason enough to consider a logo redesign.

Other equally valid reasons to redesign your logo include (but are certainly not limited to) the following:

  • Your target market or demographic has shifted and your logo no longer appeals to your current or desired customer base.
  • Your company has grown up and now your logo needs to follow suit.
  • Your logo doesn’t fully reflect what your company is all about.
  • Your graphics are poor quality or outdated by today’s standards.
  • Your customers like your competitors’ logos better….and your staff does too.
  • Your logo is too complex to be visually digested in 8 seconds or less (which is about the length of time a visitor remains on a web page before moving on if they don’t find what they need).

Once you have decided that yes, in fact your logo does need an overhaul, these three redesign tips can serve as helpful guides.

Tip #1: Incorporate Colour Psychology

Colour is an absolutely essential component of a successful logo redesign. The human brain takes in visual images more quickly (by approximately 60,000 times quicker) than text. In fact, most of the information the brain absorbs is visual in nature.

As well, visual images and graphics are more readily shareable, making them social media darlings and powerful product advocates. Most importantly, colour choice has a psychology all its own, which means there is a reason so many restaurant logos use the colour red (clue: it stimulates hunger).

This also means that even a subtle shift in colour hue can have a dramatic impact on your logo’s visual appeal. The best way to evaluate your logo’s current colour is to sit down and brainstorm adjectives to describe your company and your brand. When you are done brainstorming, take a look at this list and decide which colours might best convey those adjectives to your target market.

  • Blue. Health/medical, professional, peaceful, honest.
  • Purple. Wise, royal, intuitive.
  • Brown. Steady, reliable, historic.
  • Black. Powerful, established, grounded.
  • Yellow. Positive (sunny), optimistic, new growth, creative.
  • Orange. Friendly, healthy, young and outgoing.
  • Red. Bold, sexy, high energy, confident.
  • Pink. Flirty, fun-loving, feminine.
  • Green. Eco-friendly, organic, natural, growth-oriented.

Tip #2: Make Sure Your Font and Symbol are Happily Wed

In all the best logos, either there are two separate elements, a word/phrase and a symbol, or the word/phrase (usually the company name) has become its own symbol.

To start with, take a look at your closest competitors’ logos (especially any competitors that are outperforming you) and identify what is going on in their logo. Separate out the symbol and the text. Look at the font being used and how that interacts with any graphic symbol that may be present (as an example, look at Nike and the Just Do It checkmark).

Your goal is to redesign your logo to the point where your font and your graphic symbol are happily married – and instantly recognizable whether displayed together or separately.

Tip #3: Keep it simple (think billboard-level simple).

If you have ever driven down the freeway looking at billboards and realized you can’t see or read half of what is on them, you already have a good idea of what is wrong with many logo designs today. There is too much going on in too small of a space.

For this part of your redesign, you want to visualize your newly redesigned logo on a billboard. Would every part of your logo stand out clearly – so clearly that a motorist whizzing by on the freeway could take the whole logo in at a glance and know exactly what they are looking at? You want very simple, very powerful, very readable – something that is worth your investment of time and money to create.

By incorporating the wisdom in these three tips into the project of redesigning your company’s logo, you will emerge with a stronger, more powerful, more satisfying and more effective logo to use to achieve your company’s present and future print, offline and online marketing and sales goals.

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